City of Keller

The City of Keller is located between Dallas and Fort Worth. It is part of Tarrant County and found approximately 9 miles from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. This region is one of the cities that makes up the area known as the DFW Metroplex. It lies approximately 15 miles to the north east of downtown Fort Worth and 25 miles to the north west of downtown Dallas.

Keller offers a high quality of life with exemplary schools. Keller ISD covers all of the City of Keller but also lies across 9 surrounding cities. They have four high school campuses. Keller High which is located in the City of Keller is the oldest but the most sought out by the community. They have 39 schools in the Keller district of which 20 were ranked exemplary.

Keller is also know for its bike trails and parks. It has over 300 acres of wooded park land, 23 miles of bike trails, and 11 park sites. The main bike trail which lies adjacent to Bear Creek Parkway sees tons of users every day. It is a canopy of trees and relaxing creek views along the way. It also has a few interesting art pieces along the trail.

Keller makes up 19 square miles and is home to 43,924 residents (as of July 1, 2014). The medium home value was $285,200 for 2010-2014. And the medium income was $114,266 (2014). In 2013, they were listed as the 7th wealthiest city by in North Texas according to zip code analysis.

Keller’s combined tax rate is $2.616087 per $100 (based on city, school, and county taxes).